Creative OpCo
Stake Pool

A cooperation of OpCo DevOps team to support cardano network
Supported by Creativedock s.r.o.

April 25, 2017

How to stake

To stake with our pool please follow these steps

What is staking ? Please see official documentation about cardano. it is best to not reinvent wheel so there is link on official documentation:

As you read some information about cardano, you can start by downloading wallet


Wallet is your own communication tool with network, you can make transactions from it, also you can delegate to specific stake pools

If you have already working and synchronized wallet, you need to get ADA coins via some marketplace.

There are lot of these services:


After you purchase coins on market you can send them to you wallet

Last step of delegation is simple, just select pool you want to delegate to, directly in Daedalus wallet

If you want to delegate to Creativedock pool, find OPCO pool in pool tab

Pool ID: b09e8bd0fa5cca9bfbc9463d9d957fd34eacc7e4a038e83189cb1901

it takes some time to start receiving reward

Thank you